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What is a Ceph X-Ray?

Ceph x-rays are used to show a side view of your head which allows your dentist to get a close look at your teeth, jaw, and surrounding structures in your mouth. This helps your dentist provide a more detailed and personalized treatment plan for your oral health.

Benefits of Ceph X-Rays

Keeping the condition of the jaw in mind, Ceph X-rays are commonly used to:

  • Explore possible TMJ concerns
  • Assess the reasons behind excessive tooth misalignment – particularly in cases where an overbite or underbite is present
  • Diagnose suspected tooth and/or jaw fractures
  • Obtain precise measurement of teeth, including their root structures
  • Plan for orthodontic work like braces
  • Realistically predict the movement of teeth after applying various treatments
  • Project how (and how soon) dental work will affect teeth

The Ceph X-Ray Process

The Ceph X-Ray is panoramic, meaning it can be used to get a look at the entire bone structure of one’s head and neck, areas often associated with problematic development and growth. Concentrating on the patient’s profile, or side view of the head, the x-ray technician positions the patient to produce an optimal view of the skeletal structures that the dentist wishes to examine. After only a few minutes, the Ceph X-Ray machine produces high-resolution images of the jawbone, teeth and soft tissue in greater detail than regular x-rays can produce. The dentist will calculate how the patient’s jaw and the surrounding bone will be affected by orthodontic treatment and have a look into the growth pattern of the jaw and teeth. This can be used to determine potential courses of action and routes of treatment.

CEPH X-Rays produce:

  • Clear, quality images of any specific area
  • Instant results (matter of a few minutes)
  • Detailed evaluation of various dental issues
  • Precise measurement of root tooth structures

A Ceph x-ray may be taken at Quirt Family Dentistry as part of your orthodontic treatment plan. Call us at 715-843-9800 to schedule an appointment.

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