Dental Imaging Techniques

Modern dental imaging techniques are used for everything from identifying damage through digital x-rays to planning orthodontic treatment using 3D dental impressions. Our dentist at Quirt Family Dentistry uses these advanced tools to provide our patients with more comfortable experiences while ensuring accurate results and precise treatments. 


The cehpalometric x-ray, better known as the CEPH x-ray, is used at Quirt Family Dentistry by our dentist to diagnose malocclusion or misalignment of the teeth and jaw and plan orthodontic treatments. This type of x-ray takes panoramic images so our dentist can view the full area of the jaw and properly plan a treatment that will shift everything in to proper alignment. 

Digital X-Rays

One of the most poopular dental imaging technologies used today is the digital x-ray because of its safety and efficiency. It significantly reduces radiation exposure while also producing high quality images that can be reviewed by our dentist instantly. The quality of the images ensures accurate diagnostics and the speed of this dental imaging process allows our dentist to provide patients with the results of these tests immediately, eliminating lengthy waiting periods. 

Intraoral Camera

Another dental imaging tool used by our dentist at Quirt Family Dentistry is the intraoral camera. This unique type of x-ray allows our dentist to retrieve high-quality, detailed images of the interor of your mouth. The intraoral camera is frequently used to identify tooth or jaw misalignment and plan orthodontic treatments, detect abnormalities in the tooth roots or jawbone and detect early signs of tooth decay and deterioration of dental fillings. To learn more about how or when the intraoral camera is used at our Wausau, Wisconsin, office, or to schedule an appointment, call us at 715-843-9800 today. 

To learn more about the dental imaging technology used at our Wausau, Wisconsin, office or to schedule an appointment, call us at 715-843-9800 today.